Driving Instructor Training

There are three separate exams taken to complete your ADI registration. Your Green 4 Go trainer will be there every step of the way to ensure a 1st time pass; here is some general information on each of them.

Driving Instructor Training
Theory Test - Part One
Ability to Drive - Part Two
Ability To Teach - Part Three
Training costs:
Costs for Registration and Test Fees when becoming a Driving Instructor:
Take your first steps to apply for your ADI Badge:
Theory Test - Part One

The theory test is part One of your driving instructor training and aims to question your knowl- edge at a higher level to that of a learner driver, meaning it is essential to revise and prepare as much as possible. The test consists of a Hazard Perception section and a selection of multiple choice
questions. Both parts of the exam must be passed in order to receive overall completion in which you must receive 57/75 on the Hazard perception section and 86% on the multiple choice questions. However, the multiple choice questions are divided into 4 separate sections: road pro- cedure traffic signs and signals, car control, pedestrians and mechanical knowledge, driving test, disabilities and the law, publications and instructional techniques. You must receive a
minimum mark of 86% which totals to 21/25 correct answers on each section to pass. This means you could exceed an overall pass of 86% but still fail if you did not receive at least 20% on each topic.

Here are some quick facts involving your Part One Theory Test : The test lasts for 90 minutes
The multiple choice section aims to test your knowledge on the Highway Code, Instructional Techniques and Rules of the road. The Hazard Perception tests your ability to identify potential dangers which may occur while you are driving.
The test is computer based
You can take advantage of a pre-test session to familiarise yourself with the layout and format of the test.
The multiple choice section consists of 100 questions in total with 14 clips for Hazard Perception. The Hazard Perception sections consists of various types of hazards, such as vehicles, pedestrians and road conditions. Overall, 15 hazards will be shown. In order to achieve a good score, you must respond to the developing hazards quickly.

Ability to Drive - Part Two

The ADI Part two Ability to Drive test lasts for approximately 60/70 minutes and consists of
2 sections that must both be passes in the same attempt. The test assesses if your competency
level of driving is high and confident.

Part one of the test involves your eyesight in which you must be able to read in daylight, a registration number that contains both letters and numbers. If you need to use glasses or contact lenses you will be allowed.

You have 3 chances to pass the Ability to Drive Test. The eyesight test must be passed or you will not be permitted to carry out the ability to drive section. You will fail the test and it will be counted towards one of your attempts.
On the second part of the test, the examiner will expect you to show an excellent understanding of road safety and clear knowledge on the principles of good driving and demonstrate that you can put them into practice.

The examiner will first ask you three ‘tell me’ questions centered on vehicle safety.
You must answer questions involving :
Expert handling of the controls.
Use of correct road procedure.
Anticipation of the actions of other road users and then taking appropriate action. Sound judgement of distance, speed and timing.
Consideration for the convenience and safety of other road users. Driving in an environmentally friendly manner.

The route you take for your test will vary depending on road and/or traffic conditions but will involve motorways/ dual carriageways, urban and rural conditions if possible.
You will also be asked to drive independently on the test to see how you drive without supervision and if you can make decisions safely without any support. You will also carry out several exercises in which you will take direct observation. The test will last 60 minutes where you will perform 2 of 4 manoeuvres and possibly an emergency stop. You are allowed to make only 6 minor errors on your driving test with no major faults.
Once you have completed your Part Two test you can apply for a trainee driving instructors licence for 6 months which will allow you to teach willing pupils.

Ability To Teach - Part Three

Your Part Three test is the final section to your licence and assesses your ability to give effective instruction.

The new Part 3 test now involves 17 core competencies split into 3 marking sections.

Section 1 – Lesson planning (4)

Section 2 – Risk management (5)

Section 3 – Teaching and learning strategies (8)

Each competency you will be scored 0 – 3 and you a minimum of 31 to pass. You must score at least 8 on risk assessment which is section 2 (7 or less will result in automatic fail). If you do not manage actual safety critical incidents on the road you will also fail.

The pupil often knows what to do. It’s up to you to develop their thinking so eventually they are doing it because the want to not because they have been told to. Your job is to identify the fault, give suitable analysis of their faults and then offer remedial action.

At Green 4 Go, we will prepare you thoroughly for your Part Three exam as you must pass with a maximum of three attempts within two years of passing the part one theory. Failing to do so means starting the whole process again with the part one theory test.

Training costs:

The benefits of training with Green 4 Go to become an ADI is we won’t charge you massive upfront payments. Some establishments charge up to £4000 up front. There’s a few reasons why they do this:

The dropout rate to become an ADI is high. Due to changes in people’s lives, sometimes people only realise it’s not for them quarter/half way through.
If your unhappy with the training, it’s very difficult to walk away when you have paid so much money up front. So you either carry on or walk away. Either way the company you have just paid is still laughing.

At Green 4 Go we charge £150 upfront. This pays for access to our theory test training website and all of your training resources/materials you will require throughout part 1, part 2 and part 3.

How many hours will you need for each Part of becoming an ADI?

Part 1- Theory: none, this is generally learning from home. If you need extra help then we can always assist you. Everything is explained and your trainer is just a phone call away if you need advice or tips.

Part 2- Ability to drive: At least 20 hours will be needed to complete this part as your level of driving will need to be off an excellent standard. You will then sit an hour long driving test which is similar to the normal L Test. Once you pass Part 2 you are then recognised as a Potential Driving Instructor (PDI) and can then apply for a trainee licence (if you wish) which then allows you to teach normal learners under sponsorship of Green 4 Go and charge for your services.

Part 3- Ability to teach: 40 hours. It has been made compulsory by the DVSA that all potential driving instructors have at least 40 hours training. This can be done in conjunction with a trainee badge as you will need an actual student to help you when you sit the Part 3 test.

Training Costs Breakdown

Part 1 – £150.00
Part 2 – £850.00 for a max of 20hrs
Part 3 – £1750.00 for a max of 40hrs
If required additional hours can be purchased at £45.00 per hour

Or you can choose to “Pay As You Go” from the beginning at £45.00 per hour

Training to “Run Your Franchise” in included in all full courses.

If you decide to go down the trainee licence (PDI) route then you are required to have an additional 20 hours of tuition this would be charged at £850.00 in addition to the cost of your PDI Licence which is £140.00.

Costs for Registration and Test Fees when becoming a Driving Instructor:

Below, is a table of the costs and fees for each exam you need to take to complete your ADI registration.

Test/Registration Fee
ADI part One – theory test
ADI part Two – driving ability
ADI part Three – ability to teach
Entry to the ADI register
Trainee Licence
Extension of registration or re-registration
Replacement of lost licence

National Pass Rates for Part One, Two and Three Driving Instructor Exams : March 2019

Part One : 56.7% Part Two : 58.5%
Part Three : 37%
These stats are not first time pass rates, so the first time pass rate for all three stages is going to be lower. The DSA are unwilling to publish the first time pass rate stats for each part of becoming an Adi.

Take your first steps to apply for your ADI Badge:

At Green 4 Go we understand that starting the application process can be daunting. Below are the first several steps you need to take to kick start you driving instructor career. If you have any questions or concerns feel free to ask anyone in the Green 4 Go team.

Visit www.gov.uk/become-a-driving-instructor and download ‘your guide to the approved driving instructor register’
You will then have to apply for your CRB disclosure – it can take up to 5/6 weeks, so try and apply as soon as possible. To start your CRB process apply online using the above address.

Once your CRB is complete, you can then apply to the Registrar to become a potential driving instructor. This can be done using the same web address as above
If you are accepted onto the Registrar, you will receive your personal reference number which will be yours throughout your registration.

Once you have received the letter stating that you have been accepted you can apply for your
Part One Exam (Theory) and begin your training process.
Acceptance onto the register is not automatic, however, you can choose to appeal against the decision to the independent First-tier Tribunal.

NOTE: If you have three or more points on your licence, have a disability or not held a full UK or European Union driving licence for four out of the last six years, you should not have a CRB check but send your potential driving instructor application to the DSA with full details. You will then be told when to start your CRB.

If you are interested in signing up for your training and getting started early then call us on 0845 319 0666 or email us at learn@green4go.co.uk where we can arrange an informal meeting to discuss things further.