Driving Lessons

At Green 4 Go Driving School we believe in treating our students as individuals, learning to drive is a skill that will last you a lifetime, so learning to drive and enjoying it at the same time should go hand in hand.

Some students we find are very nervous, others may suffer with dyslexia or dyspraxia and others will just take a little longer, we at Green 4 Go have many years of experience in teaching such ones to drive.

The Driving Standards Agency recommends around 50 to 65 hours of tuition, some schools will give you this amount regardless of whether or not you need them! BUT WE DON’T If you are quick to learn we will get you to test standard and beyond as quickly and professionally as we can, we have teaching programs to suit everyone.

Fundamentally learning to drive should be a pleasurable experience and not something you should dread, choosing the right school and instructor is very important and we at Green 4 Go feel that we can offer the complete learning experience and thus ensuring that you “Learn with a Smile”.

How to apply for a driving licence

You can get information on how to apply for a driving licence from the GOV.UK website at: www.gov.uk/browse/driving/driving-licences

Licences are issued as a credit card sized photocard and contains details of the categories of vehicles which you are entitled to drive. These licences are called photocard licences. Photocard licences must be renewed every ten years to ensure the photograph remains up to date and any endorsements are now recorded electronically and can be viewed online via the GOV.UK website.

Paper licences issued before the introduction of photocard licences remain valid until they run out or the details on them need to be changed. If you have applied for a first provisional licence, you must not start driving until you receive the licence.

This will usually be at least three weeks. If you have a medical condition, you may have to wait longer because more information may be needed before the licence is issued.

Use this link to apply for your first driving licence and for all other motoring enquires – www.gov.uk/apply-first-provisional-driving-licence